Downloadable Resources for Families

Unstructured outdoor play is great for the whole family! We've got some great resources for parents and families to help you get your children outside.

Nature Play WA’s Treasure Hunt

Children delight in hunting whether it is looking for an object in a scavenger hunt or a person in hide and seek! They love to explore, discover, collect, and sort treasures. Download and print off our A4 or A5 size classic treasure hunt and get exploring! Download A4 Treasure Hunt Download A5 Treasure Hunt

Halloween Nature Scavenger Hunt

Here at Nature Play WA, we think Halloween is a great opportunity to encourage creativity in kids while building a sense of community in your street or neighbourhood. If you want to get outside with your family and feel involved with your community, but aren’t too keen on trick or treating, try our Halloween Nature […]

FREE Water Playspaces

With the weather heating up, we thought it was time to curate a list of our favourite FREE water playspaces located all around Western Australia. While there are many wonderful nature playspaces with water features as part of their design, we thought we’d focus on water playspaces that were exclusively water play-based, or had water […]

25 Things to do in Summer

With 25 fun outdoor activities to try, you’ll love our 25 Things to do in Summer resource. Download Your Copy Here 25 Things to do in Summer 1. Find a quiet river, stream or lake to dangle your feet in the water & daydream. 2. Have an ice sledding race down a steep, grassy hill (ice […]

25 Things to do in Spring

We love our 25 things to do lists – so much that we’ve created a brand new one for Spring!  How many of these fun things can you do this season? Download Your Copy 25 Things to do in Spring! Discover the newest play trails on Play Trails app! Make friends with a tree. Visit […]

Alphabetical Nature Walk

Can you find objects with names that start with each letter of the alphabet? Download and print off our A4 or A5 size Alphabetical Nature Walk checklist, and see how many things you can find on your walk!  We’ll give you a hint for ‘X’ – Xanthorrhoea – better known as grass trees!   Download […]

25 Things to Do in Cold Weather

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! Get dressed in your warm woollies, grab your family and friends and get outside with these 25 fun new activities for the wet and windy weather. Download your copy here 25 Things to Do in Cold Weather 1. Collect fallen leaves & pieces of bark with […]

Five Family Adventures

The key to family adventure is to take on something that is challenging, but within the capability (just) of your youngest adventurer. Add in a dash of excitement, even adrenalin, and you are almost there. The last ingredient in any adventure is freedom – that sense of being unshackled from your normal life with its […]

25 Things to do in Autumn

Autumn is the best time to get out and about in Western Australia; the weather is mild with sunny days and light winds, it is still (mostly) warm enough to go for a swim. With this in mind the team at Nature Play WA have come up with 25 of our favourite Autumn activities, with […]

Nature Play Bingo

Go on a nature walk with your pencil at the ready!  Tick off as many of these 16 things as you can. Can you complete your whole bingo card in one go? You can also play digital Nature Play Bingo on your phone or device.  Find it in the Toolbox section of our free Nature Play […]

We Acknowledge
Nature Play WA acknowledges the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation, as the custodians of the land where our team lives and works. We also acknowledge the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and recognise the continuing connection of Indigenous people to their land, waters, sky, culture and community. We pay our respect to all Indigenous people of this land; ancestors, elders and young ones.