Talk N Walk

photograph of girls legs, from the waist down, walking to the left of the photograph. From left to right the girls are wearing: girl 1: pink and blue oversized shirt, cream coloured wide-leg pants and white sneakers, girl 2: olive green shorts, pink and maroon checked shirt tied around her waist, hot pink coloured Converse sneakers, and she has friendship bracelets around her left wrist, and one on each ankle, girl 3: light blue jumper, denim shorts and white sneakers, girl 4 and 5: light grey tracksuit pants and white sneakers.

Talk N Walk is an award-winning wellbeing program, facilitated through the Talk N Walk app and supporting resources.

The program was co-designed with more than 100 ten-to-fifteen-year-old girls, including those who identify as girls and non-gender conforming individuals, from around Western Australia.

Talk N Walk focuses on social connection, friendships, family and feeling good and, while it has been developed to support tween and teen girls to be more physically active and mentally healthy, it can be used by anyone.  

Quite simply, Talk N Walk is about swapping catch ups over social media with getting outside to realise the health and wellbeing benefits that come with talking and walking with friends and/or family in and around your neighbourhood, at the park, to or from school, in local bushland, or at the beach.

a group of people running

A composite image showing two girls on the left of the image, walking towards camera. The girl on the left has blonde hair tied back with a blue scrunchy, and wears a white, blue and green tie-dyed tee shirt, black denim shorts and a watch with a blue wristband. The girl on the right has blonde hair in a plait over her left shoulder, and wears a black tee shirt and blue denim shorts. The right of the image shows four icons and wording: smiley face icon with the words "Even a 10 minute walk changes brain chemistry to boost happiness." A jagged pink arrow icon with the wording "Walking decreases the stress hormone cortisol and helps clear the mind." a Blue and purple sneaker icon with the wording "A brisk walk can be an effective way to reduce anxiety in the moment." a lightbulb with brain inside it icon with the wording "Creative thinking, problem solving and conversation comes easier when walking."

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The Talk N Walk Program has been made possible by a whole team people, with special thanks to the young people involved in the program co-design and pilot. Please see the Talk N Walk Project team for further details. 

Seed funding for the Talk N Walk program was provided through Healthway’s Innovation Challenge Grants Scheme, with additional funding support made available from Telethon to expand the user-testing Pilot Program, iterate the app and launch it to the public (October 2022).


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