Yanchep National Park

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Cultural Recognition

Aboriginal tours

This is Whadjuk and Yued Noongar Country.

Noongar people are the traditional owners and custodians of the south-west of Western Australia. Noongar boodjar (Country) is defined by 14 different areas with three (3) dialectal groups.

Whadjuk and Yued are the names of the dialectal groups from the Wanneroo area in which Yanchep National Park is situated.

Overview of Yanchep National Park

Welcome to Yanchep National Park. 

There’s plenty of nature to explore here, from woodlands and wetlands to limestone caves! The park is also one of the few places in WA that you can see koalas, who aren’t native to the state, in their natural habitat. 

There are nine (9) trails that wind through Yanchep National Park, giving families the chance to explore the lake, lush woodlands and cave areas. The trails range from accessible, family-friendly walks, to long-distance, more difficult hikes. 

The park can also be explored at other exciting levels. Visit Treetops Adventure and check out the view as you make your way through obstacles high up in the tuart trees! Or, venture underground into Crystal Cave on a guided tour to learn about its formation, ecosystem and geology.  

Tours available from Wangi Mia are a great way for families to learn about the traditional owners of Yanchep National Park, the Whadjuk and Yued people. See demonstrations of tools and instruments like spears and didgeridoos, and hear about the world’s oldest living culture. 

When in need of a break, multiple picnic areas around the park make it easy for families to secure a spot to rest and refuel. There are plenty of barbecues and picnic tables, many of which sit in the shade of tall native trees. Wide, open pathways flow through Yanchep National Park, allowing ease of access to most points of interest. 

In the 1930s, Yanchep National Park was destined to be a recreational resort, and some of the historic buildings still remain. Now known as Yanchep Inn, Chocolate Drops Tearooms and McNess House Visitor Centre, these facilities give visitors the unique opportunity to dine or stay overnight in style in a national park. 

Yanchep National Park can be enjoyed in an easy day trip, but camping is also available on Henry White Oval for those who’d like an extended adventure.

Caring for Yanchep National Park during your visit:

  • Please don’t feed the wildlife.
  • Please place your rubbish in the recycle bins or take it home with you. 
  • Pets are not permitted, except guide dogs. 
  • Stay on the established trails, tracks and roads.
  • Water is a precious resource – please use it sparingly.

Please beware of snakes during warmer summer months and ensure children are supervised around Loch McNess and other bodies of water. 

Opening Times  

Yanchep National Park is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 365 days a year.  

Cost of Entry*

Private vehicle with up to 12 occupants  

  • $17 per vehicle  
  • $10 per vehicle concession  

Private vehicle with more than 12 occupants  

  • $8 per occupant 6 years or older  
  • $3.50 per occupant concession  


  • $10 per motorbike  
  • No concession  

No entry fee applies if you walk or cycle into the park.

*Prices accurate as of January 2024, refer to the Explore Parks WA website for up to date pricing.

All revenue collected from park entry fees and Parks and Wildlife managed businesses is invested in biodiversity conservation, maintenance and improvement of Yanchep National Park facilities and services, and the protection of park values.

Download the free Every Kid in a Park app for a digital tour of Amenities & Points of Interest and to access the Interpretive Trail


Amenities & Points of Interest

Key amenities and points of interest include:  

  • Crystal Cave and Cabaret Cave 
  • Koala Boardwalk 
  • Wangi Mia Meeting Place  
  • McNess House Visitor Centre  
  • Yanchep Golf Course and Golf Club  
  • Gloucester Lodge  
  • Walk Trails (nine (9) in total!)   
  • Picnic areas, barbecue sites and sheltered seating   
  • Multiple parking locations, recycling stations and toilet blocks   
  • Yanchep Inn 
  • Chocolate Drops (Lakeview Tea Rooms)  
  •  Treetops Adventure Yanchep 

Download the Every Kid in a Park app to use the interpretive map featuring photographs of each point and additional information.

Interpretive Trail

The Dwerta Mia (House of the Wild Dog) Walk Trail

Explore Boomerang Gorge using the Yanchep National Park Interpretive Trail. The Interpretive Trail follows the Dwerta Mia Walk Trail, which is family friendly and for the most part pram friendly.  

We suggest wheelchair users have assistance when following this trail. This is one of the shortest walks at Yanchep and offers a great introduction of nature to young kids. The Interpretive Trail along the Dwerta Mia consists of seven (7) stops and can be accessed on the Every Kid in a Park app.  


Nature Play WA is currently creating fun and interactive resources for Yanchep National Park.  Throughout June we will be releasing these resources to assist families in planning their visit to the park.

Unique Events at Yanchep National Park

a group of people standing in a room with a wall of lights

Nature Play WA partnered with Parks and Wildlife to deliver a series of unique events, exploring the unique biodiversity and cultural importance of Yanchep National Park. Each of these events were wheelchair friendly with all ages welcome.
Read on and check out our photo galleries to see the magic and wonder inspired by these exciting events!

Life as a ranger at Yanchep National Park with Pip Carboon

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work as a ranger for a national park?  Meet Pip Carboon, ranger at Yanchep National Park. She is one of those incredible people that made the seemingly universal childhood dream of working with animals and nature come true!  Pip has dedicated over a decade of […]

Accessible Nature Guide Yanchep National Park

Our Accessible Nature document features all you need to know about recreational activities available in the park, the number and location of key amenities, a map, communication board and more. It’s available to download here. Download your copy here PLEASE NOTE: Park entry fees have changed and updated fees can be found below.* Private vehicle […]

Social Story for Yanchep National Park

This Social Story™ aims to help people of all abilities to plan and prepare for their visit to Yanchep National Park by explaining what they can expect on the day of their visit. It’s available to download here. Download your copy

Five Things to Do at Yanchep National Park

This resource is all about our five favourite things to do at Yanchep National Park. It’s available to download here, to help you plan your visit. Download your copy

Every Kid in a Park Resources

Discover fun activities to do at any park!

Activity Sheet: Invent a Scent

Become a master of scents by searching for and combining the best smells of nature. Can you create the perfect perfume? This document is available to download as a PDF or Accessible Word version, to help you plan your visit. […]

Activity Sheet: Seeing Sound

Sounds are only for our ears……. or are they? Find a quiet spot to sit and listen. What can you hear? Use this activity sheet to record and describe the sounds. This document is available to download here. Download your […]

Activity Sheet: Texture Tag

Use this activity sheet to go on an adventure and explore textures around the park! Touch leaves, bark and even the ground, and describe the features. This document is available as a PDF and an Accessible Word version, to help […]

Activity Sheet: The Bravery Award

With the help of this activity sheet, you’re going to attempt to overcome a fear. That means it’s time to put on a brave face! This document is available to download here. Download your copy

Activity Sheet: Barefoot Bootcamp

Explore the world through your feet with the help of this activity sheet. On your next outdoor adventure, take off your shoes and play barefoot for a new sensory experience! This document is available to download here. Download your copy

Activity Sheet: A Place of Your Own

For some people, finding a special quiet place helps them connect to nature. Use this activity sheet to find a place in nature of your own. This document is available to download here. Download your copy

Activity Sheet: Plant Pose

Plants grow in all shapes and sizes; just like people! Use this activity sheet to explore the natural environment, or have someone describe it to you. This document is available to download here. Download your copy

Activity Sheet: Stories in the Sky

Find a good place to sit or lay down and watch the clouds in the sky. Take notice of their colours, textures and shapes, or have someone describe these to you. Use this activity sheet to create a story in […]

Activity Sheet: The Awareness Game

Being aware of your surroundings is a wonderful skill. In this activity, you will be using your senses to test your awareness of the natural environment! This document is available to download here. Download your copy

Activity Sheet: Colour Wonderful

There are so many colours in the natural world. In this activity, you’ll head outdoors with a trusted person as you explore the rainbow of colours and count the shades of nature together. This document is available to download here. […]


Wildlife is abundant here at Yanchep National Park. It’s an important conservation area on the Swan Coastal Plain, containing seven vegetation communities, four wetlands and over 450 cave systems.

Some of these cave systems were deposited as marine sediment around 600,000 years ago! They provide an ideal environment to life-forms living underground, including amphipods, a threatened species of invertebrate. 

Wetlands are a key feature of the park, with three (3) lakes (Loch McNess, Yonderup Lake and Wilgarup Lake) and two (2) swamps, one within Ridges State Forest and Pipidinny Swamp, close to the south-west boundary. 

To birdwatchers’ delight, the wetlands are home to plenty of feathered friends. Waterbirds including swamphens, pelicans, little black comorants, grebes and banded stilts can be seen on the banks and waters of the lakes. 

Up in the trees around the park are endangered Carnaby’s black cockatoos, magpies and galahs. Smaller birds including kingfishers, wrens and honeyeaters can also be seen here – and that’s just naming a few! 

Visit Yanchep National Park early or late in the day and you’ll almost certainly see a mob of western grey kangaroos. Take a stroll down the aptly named Koala Boardwalk and try to spot a furry koala munching on some eucalyptus leaves. 

The trees in the woodland areas of the park are predominantly paperbark, banksia, jarrah and sheoak. It’s also one of few remaining places where tuart trees can be found growing in significant numbers. 

In late winter and spring, Yanchep National Park blossoms with spectacular wildflowers including wattles, parrot bush, yanchep rose, catspaw and kangaroo paw bloom.  

Visit Explore Parks WA website for more information about Yanchep National Park.


Nature Play WA would like to thank the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions for providing valuable information about Yanchep National Park.  

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