Talk N Walk User Testing Pilot Program

On completion of the Talk N Walk app co-design and development process, an intensive user-testing Pilot Program - which followed a UX (user experience) design thinking process led by Bec Nguyen of Telethon Kids Institute, was run in multiple stages over 10 weeks. The pilot had the following key objectives:  

  1. The impact the app has on physical activity (walking) and social connections; and 
  2. Feedback directly related to the app and its content and features 

As a tool to promote behaviour change, the Talk N Walk pilot found that the app, with supporting school and community resources, has great potential. 

Both participants and parents perceived the concept of Talk N Walk to be positive for mental health and physical activity and results from the app user behaviour analytics showed a significant increase in users feeling ‘Happy’ and ‘Relaxed’ after a Talk N Walk.  

Participants found the app easy to use, simple and clear to understand, with the top five features being: 

  1. The challenges to complete while out walking;  
  2. The conversation starters to make use of while out talking and walking with friends or family;  
  3. The digital stickers - awarded through points earned by completing Talk N Walks;  
  4. The shoe avatars to select from when setting up the app; and,  
  5. The theme colour selection - allowing for some personalisation of the app.

“These conversation starters are cool! I like that it gives you something to do while walking and things to think about. They help you think outside the box.” (Pilot Program participant)

“Although the challenges were easy, I still felt accomplished when I completed them.” (Pilot Program participant) 

 Participants also made some recommendations to Talk N Walk app features to increase engagement, several which have since been implemented including: 

  • an update to the app tutorial instructions for first time users; 
  • more interactive stickers with the ability to ‘tap and zoom’ from the user dashboard; 
  • the ability to choose from up to four challenges per Talk N Walk;  
  • a greater number and variety of conversation starters; and, 
  • a ‘filtering’ function for the conversation starters to ensure they are relevant to the type of Talk N Walk you are taking (ie: with a family member, friend, pet or solo mission) 

Following these updates the Talk N Walk app was officially launched at the Telethon Family Weekend in October 2022.

Our vision is to continue to grow and iterate the program – including the development of co-designed hardcopy resources for schools and community groups - to support WA girls, families and young people of all abilities to develop healthier lifestyles and experience a stronger sense of belonging and connection to community.  

A photograph of the Nature Play WA booth at Telethon Family Weekend 2022. The booth features three pull up banners, an A frame display sign and a table with promotional material on it. Katherine Healy and Kellie Hill are seen in the middle of the image, wearing white tee-shirts with the green Nature Play WA logo printed on them.

*The Pilot Program included eight parents and 43 participants - girls aged 10-15 years who were not involved in the app co-design process, including girls from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, girls in regional and remote WA, girls who identified as LGBTQIA+, and girls with learning difficulties.

A copy of the complete User Testing Pilot Program Report is available by emailing

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