Talk N Walk Pilot

With the co-design and user testing process complete, the Talk N Walk app is currently in the final stages of development for launch!

User Testing

Led by 2021 Women in Tech WA (WiTWA) Award Winner, Bec Nguyen, the Talk N Walk user-testing involved 11–14-year-old girls, as well as some parents, trialling the app over four weeks and providing feedback through a range of options including surveys, interviews and/or focus group sessions. 

The direct benefit of participating in the Talk N Walk user-testing was to trial a unique solution - developed with girls, for girls - to increasing physical activity levels and improving mental health.  

a group of people walking

Those involved in the user-testing had the opportunity to contribute feedback on the design, functionality and content that directly informed improvements to the app before its launch to the wider public later this year.  

Participating in this process also provided insight into digital health as a potential career pathway. All students who participated received a Certificate of Participation and were welcome to request a reference letter to add to their curriculum vitae CV/resume. 

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