Designing an Outdoor Learning Space

2-hour workshop, including hands-on activity

This workshop is an introduction into the ways educators can use natural spaces in and around schools and early learning centres as playful learning spaces and outdoor classrooms. It covers some of the basic principles behind Outdoor Classroom design, setting up spaces using loose parts to enhance natural elements, how to inspire students and engage them in curriculum experiences inspired by natural provocations and innate childhood behaviour.

At the end of this 2-hour workshop participants will have had an opportunity to:

  • Develop understanding surrounding current research of the benefits behind Nature Pedagogy, Outdoor Learning and Nature Play.
  • Explore play motifs of children and how to use them in extending learning.
  • Actively engage in brainstorming around students’ current play to identify potential spaces and resources existing in your educational setting.
  • Explore practical ideas and recommendations for using outdoor classrooms in your educational setting.

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