Nature School Investigations and Project-Oriented Learning

For Primary School Educators

Curiousity is naturally aroused in students when exploring the outdoors. This workshop assists educators in using observation and questioning skills to dig deep into children’s play and exploration in order to discover the wonder that truly motivates. Using art, science and technology, educators participate in a collaborative project in the outdoor classroom. Educators will take home ideas on how to follow students’ interest to develop outdoor classrooms and playful projects that link to the curriculum.

At the end of this half day workshop participants will have had an opportunity to:

  • Share stories and anecdotes of current student designed and directed outdoor learning projects.
  • Identify potential projects within their current setting for integration in an outdoor classroom learning thread.
  • Explore examples of tools that can be used to plan and document student initiated learning within outdoor classrooms
  • Engage with hands-on examples of curriculum programming based on student observation and play.
  • Develop strategies for encouraging student accountability and independence.
  • Develop confidence in seeing opportunities within current teaching opportunities for outdoor learning within their own classroom.
  • Connect with like-minded educators engaging with a process of developing outdoor learning opportunities in their school.
  • Discover how to use Nature Play WA's Nature Passport App for digital outdoor learning and citizen science opportunities.

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