World-first WA study investigates how iPads affect child development

by Claire Bickers

TOO much time spent on iPads and similar touchscreen devices could result in the muscles and bones of young children not developing properly, WA researchers say.

A Curtin University team concerned by the increasing amount of time kids spend on portable devices is behind a world-first study into how screen time impacts physical growth.

Nature Play WA chief executive Griffin Longley said children’s social and emotional development, and mental and physical health, could also be “dramatically” affected by screen use.

“There’s no doubt tablets have become a tool of parenting,” Mr Longley said.

“You see it when you’re out at dinner, parents at a table and the children will be on a device. There are prams that have iPad holders now in front of the child.

“We are concerned about the impacts of replacing play with entertainment.”

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