25 Things to do in Autumn

Autumn is the best time to get out and about in Western Australia; the weather is mild with sunny days and light winds, it is still (mostly) warm enough to go for a swim, and you can have campfires.

With this in mind the team at Nature Play WA have come up with 25 of our favourite Autumn activities, with links to find where to go and what to do when you’re there!  Spend Autumn getting outdoors in our beautiful state!

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25 Things to do in Autumn

1. Take one last dip in the ocean before it gets too cold!
2. Visit an orchard to sample the new season’s fruit.
3. Get ready for puddle jumping! Pull the family’s gumboots out of storage to check they still fit.
4. Collect fallen Autumn leaves and make a nature crown. Pointy leaves are perfect!
5. Go kayaking, There are many places to hire kayaks and canoes around WA, so get paddling!
6. Get on your bikes and head out for a family ride, around your neighbourhood or further afield.
7. Camp out overnight – pitch a tent or sleep under the stars.
8. Plant out the vege patch with beetroot, cabbage, carrots, leek, radish, spinach and onions.
9. Go on a photo safari. Choose a subject (or colour scheme) and see what you can “capture”.
10. Go geocaching! if you’ve never tried a digital treasure hunt before, visit the “Things To Do – Geocaching” section of our website.
11. Fly a kite. The windier weather brings great gusts for kite-flying.
12. Use a notebook to press nature treasures. Collect leaves or flowers, and write notes to remind you of when and where you found them.
13. Get out in the rain! Put on your boots and jacket and play outside. What does the rain look, feel and smell like?
14. Make mini boats from fallen leaves and race them down a river or creek.
15. Exercise your green thumb by planting pretty flowering plants like pansy, sweet pea and viola.
16. Go on a bug hunt! What creepy crawlies can you find in your very own back yard?
17. Pack a picnic and hit the road. Plan a day trip somewhere new and build some wonderful memories.
18. Enjoy a bush walk after it rains. What mushrooms, fungi and lichen can you find?
19. Catch a fish! Whether it’s a rod and reel or just throwing out a line – see what you can catch.
20. Cook on a campfire. Snags in a frypan or toast on a toasting fork. And who can forget the toasted marshmallows? (Check for fire bans first!)
21. Go on a family bushwalk.  Check the “Things To Do – Hiking” section on our website for trails.
22. Explore our beautiful state with the help of our favourite outdoor organisations. Visit our “Things to Do – Outdoor Business Directory” for details.
23. Go cloud watching. Can you see animals or shapes? Tell a story about them as they float across the sky.
24. Explore a national park near you. With more than 60 around WA, you can find out more at https://parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au/park-finder
25. Visit as many nature playspaces as you can! (download Nature Play WA app to find one near you!)

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