5 Things We Know About Dads & The Perfect Father’s Day Gift!

August 30, 2017

Hey dad, treat yourself (and the family) to some quality time together in the great outdoors this Father’s Day!  Here’s five things we know about dads, and why getting into some nature play this weekend is the perfect gift!   1. Dads like to “do stuff” Dads work hard, and many work long hours.  They […]

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Eggcellent Easter Crafts

April 13, 2017

It’s the Easter school holidays – a wonderful time of the year!  Term 1 of school is over, the kids are settled in to the new year, and the weather is mild enough to explore the beauty of the great outdoors with fewer complaints of “I’m hot and thirsty” that can plague our outdoor adventures […]

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The Reluctant Nature Player – when your kids don’t “love” being in nature

November 18, 2016

We’re an “outdoors-ish” family (emphasis on the “ish”) – we love the beach, rivers, bush walks, hiking, playing at the park, jumping in muddy puddles and being out in the garden, but we’re not fans of “roughing it”. We love “camping” in the bush, as long as it includes a four-walled dwelling of some description, […]

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Wildflower Camping Adventure – The Journey is the Destination

September 7, 2016

Some say “the journey is the destination”; and when you’re on the open road in Western Australia during wildflower season this phrase rings true. With school holidays just around the corner it might be time to pack up the kids, hop into the caravan (or throw the camping gear in the car) and hit the […]

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Christmas Craft, Without the Emotional Meltdown

December 2, 2015

Christmas is in the post and the two problems pressing their way to the front of your queue right now are that your kids are bored and you can’t bring yourself to buy another plastic Rudolph Christmas with the LED nose, or more fake snow in a can for the Christmas tree that should have […]

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Beach Babies – 10 Tips for Summer Fun at the Beach!

November 13, 2015

As Summer sets in it is almost a crime not to visit Western Australia’s beaches and rivers.  Let’s get our young nature players into some sand, water and unstructured beach/river bank play, they absolutely love it! It’s going to be a hot one this weekend, and a lot of us will be hitting the beach […]

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Free Range Kids – An Adventure in Letting Go

October 9, 2015

I like to think that my kids (13, 11 and nearly 3) are pretty free range, and as far as the urban jungle goes the big kids take the bus to and from school (OK, so it picks them up a block from home and drops them off right outside our door), and they’ve been […]

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12 Simple Things To Do With Your Baby In Nature

September 4, 2014

Babies love to spend time in nature, feeling the wind in their hair, sun on their skin (just a little bit!) and watching leaves move in the breeze! Simply lying under a tree watching the leaves blow in the wind provides better stimulation than any ordinary baby mobile. Go on a nature walk. Carry your […]

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How Cubbies Change A Street

August 31, 2014

I always wanted a tree house in the back yard and a Millennium Falcon in the driveway. I could forgive the absence of the Falcon, but the tree house was quite another matter. I don’t know if it was Robinson Crusoe, the Ewok Village on Endor, or some childhood hardwiring involved but there was just […]

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