Giant Christmas Wreath

Have you ever seen a Christmas wreath this gigantic? It’s actually made with a hula-hoop as the base!

We covered our hoop in hessian and used gumtree leaf cuttings, but you can use any type of branches/flowers/leaves you wish to. Just remember to be respectful when foraging, it’s best to stick to your own back yard. You can leave your wreath au naturel or spray paint it metallic silver or gold.


  • hula hoop
  • hessian (or hessian ribbon)
  • natural twine
  • thin gum tree branches (with plenty of leaves)


Step 1: Cut hessian into 10cm-wide strips (or use hessian ribbon).
Step 2: Secure end of hessian strip to hoop with a knot (or hot glue gun), and work your way around the hoop, wrapping on an angle to cover the whole hoop.  Secure at intervals with a knot in the hessian strip or hot glue gun.
Step 3: Finish at the point you began, tying off and trimming any excess hessian.

Step 4: Group gum leaf branches together – tightly if you would like a “full” wreath, or sparsely if you would like a more delicate arrangement – and lay around the edge of the hessian-covered hoop.

Step 5: Secure the natural twine at one point of the hula hoop, then wind it around the gum leaf branches and through the hoop, incorporating new branches as you work your way around.  If using large bunches of leaves, use shorter lengths of twine and secure at more regular points around the hoop.   Once you’re happy with the amount of foliage, tie off and trim the excess twine.

Step 6: Add a length of twine to create a loop to hang from a door or wall (maybe add some of our other Christmas decorations), and you’re finished!

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