Outdoor Classroom Day Nature Passport Upper Primary 2nd Edition

The My Outdoor Classroom Nature Passport package supports educators in taking their class outdoors for enriched play-based learning.

Nature Passport Booklets

Upper Primary

The Upper Primary booklet is designed for students in Year 3-6 (ages 8-11)

Download and Print Passport Booklet

Download the My Outdoor Classroom Nature Passport booklet, print one for each student and use it to investigate nature at your school, to play, create, imagine and have some fun.

The booklets:

  • Explore the value of play;
  • Include five outdoor classroom activities (supported by lesson plans) and the opportunity for students to develop a sixth activity of their own;
  • Provide a ‘Nature Safari’ section for students to record wildlife; and,
  • Include take home family activities such as the ‘Green Time vs Screen Time’ challenge and ‘15 Things To Do on the Weekend’.

Students can use the booklets to journal their discoveries in class and to share what they’ve done with their family – showcasing the ‘outdoor classroom’ and the importance of play as an essential part of every child’s learning.

Printing and Assembly Instructions (Upper Primary):

Print one copy of the booklet for each student, using the following printer settings:

  • Choose File > Print
  • Print the booklet double sided (print on both sides of paper).  If prompted, select ‘Flip on long edge’
  • Select document size as A4 (you can change this setting within Print Properties)
  • Select your colour setting (full colour or greyscale)

To assemble the booklet, cut along the dotted line, and fold where indicated. Then use the page numbers to assist in compiling the booklets, and staple along the spine. The end result should be an A6 booklet.

Supporting Lesson Plans and Educator Resources

The outdoor classroom activities in the booklet are supported by detailed lesson plans, linked to the curriculum, which can be downloaded via the following links:

Educator resources have also been developed to support discussion and learning for other key sections of the booklet including:

Nature Passport App (Optional)

Each of the activities included in the My Outdoor Classroom Nature Passport Package can be done using just the downloadable booklets and lesson plans, or in conjunction with the free international Nature Passport app, which has over 100 more activities to choose from!

The app breaks each activity down into several steps and, as students are completing each step they are prompted to use the interactive elements embedded in the app to take photos, voice record reflections, write notes, measure time and more.

When students have completed an activity their reflections, recordings and photos are saved to the app’s journal – perfect for revisiting back in the classroom.

You can access the free web app here.

Select the ‘My Outdoor Classroom’ activity pack* where all the activities included in the My Outdoor Classroom Nature Passport booklets (and more) are located.

*Note: The first time you access the app only the ‘Launch Pack’ will be available. You will need to close and re-open the app to access the ‘My Outdoor Classroom’ and additional activity packs.

Even if you are not using the app in class, families can be encouraged to download it for use at home. In addition to the My Outdoor Classroom activities there are activity packs for honing your senses, everyday exploring, nature painting, days at the beach, rainy days, messing with mud, challenging yourself and more.

The My Outdoor Classroom Nature Passport booklets and lesson plans are an initiative of Nature Play WA developed with proud support from the Department of Education WA.

A Nature Passport My Outdoor Classroom Package has also been developed for Lower Primary.

Go to Lower Primary resource (Year Levels Kindergarten – Year 2/Ages 4-7)

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