Scale of Perth’s urban development revealed with 3D modelling

by Jacquelin Robson

The scale of Perth’s urban development has been revealed, with new ground-breaking imagery of several popular suburbs.
Nearmap’s 3D technology shows the coastal suburb of Scarborough, packed full of subdivided blocks and triplex development.
“People are taking advantage of the zoning opportunities and subdividing, and potentially selling off their backyard or building a house out the back and renting it out,” real estate expert Damian Collins said.
Child play experts are urging parents to think of new ways to interact with their children.
Nature Play’s Griffin Longley says just 55 percent of Australian children play outdoors each week.
“There’s no doubt that we’re living through the most dramatic shift in the experience of childhood in the whole of human history,” Mr Longley said.
“A loss of play brings terrible mental health outcomes for kids. rates in anxiety are soaring already.”
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