25 Things to Do in Cold Weather

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!

Get dressed in your warm woollies, grab your family and friends and get outside with these 25 fun new activities for the wet and windy weather.

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25 Things to Do in Cold Weather

1. Collect fallen leaves & pieces of bark with interesting textures. Place under paper & rub using coloured crayons to create a picture.
2. Pick flowers from your garden & press between the pages of a heavy book. Once dried, you can use the pressed flowers in your nature craft.
3. Perfect your rock skimming skills! Now ponds and lakes are filling up with rainwater, find some flat rocks and skim them over the water’s surface.
4. Break out the craft glue & cardboard to design & create a beautiful nature collage with found items.
5. Go on an alphabetical nature walk. Can you find objects with names that start with each letter of the alphabet?
6. Make a simple crown to fit your head with paper or card & stickytape. Stick flowers & leaves upon it & wear your regal creation!
7. Dip natural elements into paint & place on paper to create nature prints. What interesting patterns can you create?
8. Go on a listening nature walk. How many different sounds can you hear? The wind, leaves in the trees, birds singing?
9. Create a sensory basket; pine cones, feathers, shells, rocks & gumnuts for loose parts play.
10. Create a family of stick people. Choose some sturdy sticks, & use scraps of fabric & wool, craft glue & pens to adorn & decorate them.
11. Play in the rain & let it fall on your face. How does it feel? Is it cold? How big are the rain drops, & how fast (or slow) is it falling?
12. Use flowers, garden prunings, sand, mud & water to create magic fairy potions.
13. Make a rain gauge from a small glass jar. Mark cm measurements with permanent marker on the outside. Place it outdoors in the rain & wait!
14. Build a bug hotel from a cardboard box & collected natural materials. See our blog for full instructions.
15. Wet weather brings out the worms! Does your garden have these wriggly friends in them?
16. Try nature weaving. Create a stick frame, tie string across it, & weave leaves, sticks, feathers & other nature elements to create beautiful art.
17. It’s so much fun to jump in puddles – pull on your boots (or go barefoot!) & get splashing!
18. Go on a nature photo safari. Pick a subject matter & snap as many pics as your can.
19. Use a tarp to build a rainproof fort; you’ll soon find out how good a builder you are!
20. Build a nature tepee: construct a frame from long garden stakes, plant runner beans or sweet peas around the base & watch your tepee grow!
21. Go beachcombing. Wild & windy weather washes up some wonderful treasures.
22. Collect fallen leaves & create a picture with craft glue & paper. You could make leaf people or creatures.
23. If the weather is just too wild & woolly to get outside, indulge in some indoor rock painting!
24. Use our free Play in WA app to choose a nature playground, campground or hiking trail to explore with your family.
25. Open a mud restaurant! Use dirt from the garden after it rains to create some delightful, muddy delicacies… mud cake, anyone?

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