25 Things to do in Spring

We love our 25 things to do lists – so much that we’ve created a brand new one for Spring! How many of these fun things can you do this season?

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25 Things to do in Spring!

  1. Discover the newest play trails on Play Trails app!
  2. Make friends with a tree. Visit it and watch how it grows through the season.
  3. Go for a cycling adventure – around the neighbourhood or further afield.
  4. Snail race! Draw a circle & place snails inside. Which one will make it across the line first?
  5. Go star gazing. Which constellations you can see in the night sky?
  6. Discover what’s in your local lake. Are there new birds, bugs or frogs?
  7. Get into puddle jumping – how big can you make your splash?
  8. Find a favourite stick! Sticks can be anything – a sword, a walking stick, a wand.
  9. Watch the sunrise. There’s something special about seeing the sun “wake up”.
  10. Which wildflowers are now in bloom? Check our blog for where to find them.
  11. Go barefoot. Get those tootsies out and feel the ground beneath your feet.
  12. Check out the awesome nature play events happening through Spring (see our Events!)
  13. Go on an Alphabetical Nature Walk – download the printable resource.
  14. Take a piece of cardboard to your favourite hill and get tobogganing!
  15. Make a splash! Get into the ocean or river and go for a Spring swim!
  16. Play Pooh Sticks – drop two sticks from a bridge into a stream and watch them race.
  17. Picnic in the wild! Picnic at a national park – find one you’ve never visited before.
  18. Build your own cubby house out of a large cardboard box.
  19. Take part in some DIY Play with hundreds of activities in our Nature Passport app!
  20. Have a play date with friends at your local playground.
  21. Make S’Mores or Jaffa puddings over an open fire – follow our Recipes! (check for fire bans).
  22. Pitch a tent in the backyard or roll a sleeping bag out for an adventure under the stars.
  23. Beachcomb for treasures! Visit the beach at low tide to find what’s washed ashore.
  24. Visit as many nature play spaces as you can! (See our favourites in our free Play In WA app!
  25. Try our list of 51 Things to do Before You’re 12!

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