Christmas Tree Weave

Bust out the hot glue gun for this project! Make a Christmas tree frame from sticks, then let the kids loose outside to collect some green leaves. Sit back and watch them have fun threading the leaves through the frame to create a very cool Christmas tree weave.


  • sticks – 3 longer ones (roughly the same length) and 4-5 shorter ones
  • glue gun/natural twine
  • gum leaves
  • glue, glitter and/or paint (optional)


Step 1: Lay out two of the three long sticks to form the sides of the tree and glue together to make the base frame (lay them out like the left and right side of a triangle).
Step 2: Lay the third longer stick down the middle to form a trunk, and the shorts sticks across to create the weaving frame.  Use the glue gun to secure the sticks.  You may need to use twine to make the bond stronger.

Step 3: Collect fallen gum leaves and decorate them with glitter and paint, or leave them “au naturel” for a more rustic look.

Step 4: Once the glue, paint and glitter are dry, start weaving the leaves through the frame of the tree.

Step 5: Display your crafty creations for all to admire!

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