Nature Glitter Snow Globe

What better way to reuse empty glass jars than to upcycle them into gorgeous nature snow globes!


  • Clean glass jar with water-tight lid (small ones are better)
  • Natural elements (flowers, leaves)
  • Glitter
  • Water


Step 1: Take your natural elements (we used small bottle brush blooms and leaves) and place them inside your clean glass jar.  We chose a small jam jar, as it takes less to fill, and isn’t too heavy for small hands to hold and swirl once completed.  Place flowers/leaves* into the jar, without packing them in too tightly, to allow good movement of water and glitter for maximum “snow” effect.

Step 2: Add a good amount of glitter, the more the “merrier” your snow globe will be.  The finer the glitter, the longer the “snowing” effect will last.  Fill the jar to the very top with cold water, place on the lid and twist it as tight as you can.

Step 3: Tip it upside down to test water-tightness, and then enjoy swirling your beautiful Aussie snow globe!

*Native flora lasts longer than other flowers, with up to four weeks of clear water and bright flowers before water starts to cloud.

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We Acknowledge
Nature Play WA acknowledges the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation, as the custodians of the land where our team lives and works. We also acknowledge the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and recognise the continuing connection of Indigenous people to their land, waters, sky, culture and community. We pay our respect to all Indigenous people of this land; ancestors, elders and young ones.