Stick Stars

With just a few sticks, and scraps of wool or craft cord, you can make some gorgeous (and unique!) star creations for the Christmas tree.



  • Sticks and twigs
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks, or twine/thread to join the sticks
  • Brightly coloured yarn, wool or string


To create your star, take five sticks of equal length, arrange them in a star shape, and use either a hot glue gun, or string/cord to glue/tie the twigs together.  We chose to tie them rather than use the hot glue gun, as we had a few small people at our crafting table.  You could also glue them in advance, and have them ready to go for the weaving element.

We used a variety of yarns, including small and large ply wool, and macramé cord, but you could also use cross stitch thread, raffia or any string you have.  The finer thread you use the more detailed your creation will be.

Once your design has as much, or as little, adornment as you want, simply tie off the thread and you’re done!

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