Gum Leaf Gift Tags

This one may just be our favourite Christmas craft of the year – they’re super simple to make, look gorgeous, and are a lovely keepsake for family members receiving them on their gifts.


  • Flat, long leaves (we chose gum leaves)
  • Brightly coloured paint
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Permanent marker


This one is pretty much plug and play!

Step 1: Paint your leaves, with as much or as little coverage as you like, and then add glitter while the paint is still damp.  (If you don’t fancy vacuuming glitter up when the gifts are unwrapped on Christmas Day, maybe skip this step).

Step 2: Allow to dry, and then write your message on your “tag”.  Use a hole punch to pierce a hole in the leaf to attach to a gift with string, or use sticky tape.

Et voila! A simple, fun, eye-catching craft with a practical use for Christmas Day.

Be sure to share your nature-based Christmas crafts with us by tagging us in your social media – #natureplaywa and #natureplaywachristmas !

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