25 Things to do in Spring

31 Aug 2018

The sun's coming out, the days are getting warmer (and longer) and the wildflowers are in bloom!  Here's our top 25 things we love to do in Spring - get your friends and family together and tick off as many as you can.             &…

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25 Things to do in Winter

6 Jun 2018

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! Get dressed in your winter woollies, grab your family and friends and get outside with these 25 fun activities for the wet and windy weather.                 &nbs…

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Tips for Camping in WA

22 Jun 2018

Want to try camping but worried that you don't know where to start?  With information on what to bring and where to go, follow our tips for camping in WA and you're on your way!                    …

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Nature Passport Outdoor App

8 Dec 2017

Our tool to help families and schools replace kids' sedentary screen-time with playing, exploring and learning outdoors! Research shows that spending time outdoors is an essential part of a healthy, well-balanced childhood. Nature Passport encourages and motivates children to have fun…

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Reduce, Replace, Balance (R&B)

7 Dec 2017

Download Reduce, Replace, Balance (R&B) Resource Reduce, Replace, Balance is a program from Nature Play WA to help WA families manage screentime and increase outdoor active play, through these three tips: REDUCE Work with your kids to reduce screen time (yours and theirs). Even…

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Nature Play WA App

1 Dec 2017

The Nature Play WA App makes accessing ideas to help get kids outdoors easy! This free app promotes the resources, programs, trails and events we have created to make taking part in nature play easy. Use the Nature Play WA app to: • Discover interactive trails in Western Australia th…

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Green time vs screen time

27 Nov 2017

The Green Time vs Screen Time tool for families is a fun way to help you keep track of how much time your children are spending playing outdoors ('green time'), versus time spent indoors, watching TV or on the computer ('screen time').         &…

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51 Things to do Before You're 12

25 Nov 2017

There are some things that every kid should get to experience. How many of our 51 things have you done? Why not challenge your friends to see who will be the first to finish the list!                      …

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Summer Playlist!

20 Nov 2017

Here's our Summer Playlist, with 21 Top Ideas to get you playing and help you make the most of this summer!  We’ve suggested places to try them, but the options are endless! So, be SunSmart and have fun!             &nbs…

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Autumn Activities - Fun Family Things to Do

5 Apr 2017

The Easter Holidays are here, and it's the perfect time of year to get the family out and into nature!  Download and print out our Autumn Activities list, and check them off as you go.  Follow the links below for more information on where to go and top tips on getting started!.…

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