Digital Wellbeing Literature Review

Navigating children’s safe passage through the digital world is one of the great challenges of modern parenthood – and it is a challenge undertaken, largely, without a roadmap. How much time should kids spend on devices? What does healthy device usage look like? What are the impacts of getting the screen time question wrong? How does parental screen time affect kids? What strategies work to bring a healthy balance to the way we raise our kids in a technological world?

These are questions no other generation of parents has faced. And getting it wrong can have significant consequences.

Nature Play WA, in conjunction with researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute, has created a ‘what you need to know’ guide for parents on the impacts of excessive screen time, highlighting new and relevant research in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

You will find all the research used to create this guide has been referenced and listed at the back in case you want to follow up and read more.

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