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School is a fabulous place to teach children the value of nature play and encourage them to get active. We're building a collection of school resources to bring your teaching into the great outdoors!

My Outdoor Classroom Nature Passport

7 Oct 2019

The My Outdoor Classroom Nature Passport package supports educators in taking their class outdoors for enriched play-based learning. The pack includes downloadable Nature Passport activity booklets for students; five detailed lesson plans with links to curriculum; and, can be used in co…

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Nature Play Advent Calendar

20 Nov 2020

Want something a little different than chocolate-filled or trinket-laden Advent Calendars?  Looking for something to inspire nature play opportunities and nature-based crafts and activities?  Download our Nature Play Advent Calendar, and discover 24 days of fun and engaging nature play act…

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COVID-19 Self Isolation Resources for Families

30 Mar 2020

With COVID-19 changing the way we're living our lives, and many events and gatherings being cancelled or postponed, it's important to remember that not everything we love to do is on hold. We're putting together new resources to support families spending time together du…

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A Guide to the Playground Standard by Andrew Reedy

8 Aug 2018

The Standards are, by nature, a technical document and are not necessarily organised in a format or sequence that makes them easy to follow without significant cross referencing. Even those who spend much time working with these Standards often find themselves searching the various parts of the s…

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Nature Passport Outdoor App

8 Dec 2017

Our tool to help families and schools replace kids' sedentary screen-time with playing, exploring and learning outdoors! Research shows that spending time outdoors is an essential part of a healthy, well-balanced childhood. Nature Passport encourages and motivates children to have fun…

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51 Things to do Before You're 12

25 Nov 2017

There are some things that every kid should get to experience. How many of our 51 things have you done? Why not challenge your friends to see who will be the first to finish the list!                      …

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Natural Play Spaces Make Kids More Active and Less Depressed!

26 Apr 2016

A study completed in 2014 by UBC observed children playing in their care centre play space before and after the space was upgraded with nature play elements. Before the intervention children were seen to be displaying depressive behaviours and where dependent on teachers interactio…

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The Trends and Influential Factors of Children’s Use of Outdoor Environments: A Review

19 Feb 2016

Abstract, provided by author: In the past two decades, there has been a raft of research on children's behaviour and their interaction with outdoor environment. The aim of this paper is to present a synthesis of 30 studies from 1985 to 2010 on children's use of outdoor environments. The a…

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4 Jun 2015

Ready...Set...Wonder! is a practical guide created by the 'Back to Nature Network' in Canada for early years educators to use in providing opportunities for children to connect with nature on a regular basis. It contains a large number of easy-to-use prompts, which can be&n…

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Healthy Living: Go Play Outside: It’s Good for Your Eyeballs!

19 Feb 2015

Go Play Outside: It’s Good for Your Eyeballs! By: Dr. William Sturrock If you are really nearsighted, you probably didn’t need reading glasses to see the recent study this past month in the journal ‘Ophthalmology’ describing twice the rates of myopia (the correct scient…

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