Helping Kids Feel Safe Walking to School

photograph sourced from 98five website

Katherine Healy, from Nature Play WA, joined Kirste and Dan to share some interesting developments to encourage kids to walk to school.

The Australasian Society of Physical Activity has gone to Canberra to request making our neighbourhoods safer for kids to walk to school.

About 50% of children live within 1km of their school, but only 20% walk to school.

“From a physical distance it is doable but there is obviously reasons why they are not.” ASPA has examined the infrastructural challenge that might prevent kids and parents walking to school. Such as reducing speed limits to 30km/h 500m-1km of schools. “It reduces the risk of injury and death.” 

As well as improving footpaths and zebra crossings. “We (NaturePlay WA) think about the behaviour change. But they think let’s look at our built environment and how we can make that more attractive for kids to walk to school.”

Listen to the full interview at 98five

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