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Mud Monsters Ball

Join Nature Play WA and the Shire of York, as we celebrate all things winter in the Wheatbelt of WA! The York Mud Monsters Ball is the first event of its kind, being held on Sunday 3 June 2018 on Avon Terrace, York.

The York Mud Monsters Ball will provide families with the opportunity to get messy outdoors! This is a unique event showcasing our favourite mud activities with a bit of a twist – the Mud Monsters Ball allows children (and the big kids too) with the opportunity to run a muck, dance, create and imagine.

Mud Monsters unite as we spend the day getting ready for the Mud Monsters Ball. Activities include:
Muddy Monsters - Dress to impress, and start your day by becoming a Muddy Monster! (Remember to bring a change of clothes, Muddy Monsters like to get messy)
Mud Monster Accessories - Mud Monsters love their accessories, and here, you can create your very own muddy nature flower band (or as we like to call it, a mud corsage!)
Monster Music and Muddy Moves - Where the Mud Monsters Ball comes alive. Dance, play, run around and have fun as a Muddy Monster!
Mud Village - Part of being a Muddy Monster is working with your monster friends to create shelter. Children will be encouraged to use their imaginations to experience their very own mud city in an imaginary mud world. What kind of creatures are there? Is there a special dance or song in your mud world?
Café Le Mud - Use the Nature Play WA mud kitchens to create your own muddy menu, serve slop and market your muddy masterpieces for the Mud Monsters Ball.
Rest Area - A special area away from the major activities will provide an opportunity for parents, and kids, to rest before continuing their muddy journey.

Date: Sunday 3 June 2018, from 10:00am 2:00pm.
Location: Avon Terrace, York
Cost: To register to attend this FREE event thanks to the Shire of York


3 Jun 2018 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Avon Terrace

York, 6302

WA, Australia


Recommended for

  • Babies & toddlers
  • High school age
  • Mums
  • Parents
  • Pre-schoolers
  • Primary school age
  • Suitable for all abilities
  • Suitable for all ages


Contact Description : Nicole McNamara - Events Manager

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