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Carnac Island

Carnac Island is located about 10 km south-west of Fremantle, rising from the sea between its better-known and larger neighbours, Garden and Rottnest islands. Several thousand years ago, all three were joined to the mainland when sea levels were significantly lower. Nyoongar people knew this little island as Ngooloormayup, which means 'place of little brother' (Rottnest Island was the big brother). Australian sea-lions, the rarest sea lion in the world, and the only one found solely in Australia use Carnac Island as a haul-out area during the non-breeding season. There is a small visitor exclusion zone on the beach at Carnac Island to allow sea-lions a sanctuary area where they can escape from people if they choose. Access to Carnac Island is limited to day use only.

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10km SW of Fremantle

Fremantle, 6160

WA, Australia

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