Dr Amanda Lloyd

Dr Amanda Lloyd is a passionate outdoor enthusiast who has always spent her time on a bike, in the ocean, hiking and generally enjoying the outdoors.

This led her into a field that develops her life pursuits into opportunities for others. Amanda is a teacher with 16 years experience in classroom and leadership roles. Her PhD focused on the advantages of place-based outdoor learning within the primary school curriculum.

Amanda initiated the nature education network for the Australian Association of Environmental Education. She is the Australian Wild magazine columnist for all things 'children in nature', writes for academic publications and has presented at numerous international conferences.

Amanda is a founding director of “Outdoor Connections” where she is an educational consultant and delivers workshops to children, parents and educators.

To find Amanda best go outside and look for a group of dirty, laughing and excited children playing with sticks and exploring the bush. She will be the one most likely covered in clay, dirt or sand. 

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