Emma Crawley

Emma Crawley is an environmental psychologist and former primary teacher.

For 25 years, she has been an advocate for children's access to nature for overall development and environmental engagement. Emma's been working to create educational and health-promoting schoolyards since 2008. First in the city of Malmö (Sweden) with a five-year schoolyard greening project. There, methods were developed to involve children in the planning process and to involve the children in the actual creation of new and greener schoolyards. She also created a tool with the planning office to help increase the play value in the schoolyards. 

Emma is currently working within Lead for ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) where she consults in the process of greening schoolyards, as well as creating inspirational activities such as organising field trips and courses and more strategic planning for municipalities.

She recently founded the Swedish forum for Edible Schoolyards and created a Risk-Benefit tool for schoolyards in Sweden.

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