Josique Lynch

Choosing teaching as a profession was easy for Josique, as she followed in her mother’s footsteps.

Josique explains “that was many decades ago”, when she was a member of the first group of students to graduate from the School of Education at W.A.I.T., now known as Curtin University. Josique began her teaching career in the North West town of Carnarvon at the local Catholic school, teaching at all levels and where she was appointed Head of the Lower Primary until she went on Maternity Leave with her first child. Josique’s career in the Early Years began when, instead of returning to the school afterwards, she was successful in her application for the position of Director of the newly built Child Care and Neighbourhood Centre in town.When Josique’s husband, High School teacher, had his transfer to Perth approved, now with two young children, Josique decided to remain in the Early Years sector. She continued to work in a couple of Perth centres and worked as an Education & Children’s Services Lecturer and Program Manager before returning to the position of Director, at the Joondalup Early Learning Centre. 

“This is where I believe I have the best of both worlds, to be with the children whilst teaching, coaching and mentoring educators to be the best they can for the children and families. In this position of trust, I am also able to be the passionate advocate for children and the Early Years sector that I pride myself to be.”

Josique and her team have long held the belief that children need to play outdoors as much as possible. Join Josique as she shares the journey of ever-changing, large garden space at her centre. The space, which was originally natural bushland, is an ideal spot for children to explore, discover and learn about their world. 

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