Nature Playgrounds

Nature playground at Parklands Primary School

Tired of boring old playgrounds? Why not build a nature playground? The kids will love it and it might even fast-track their development...

As awareness increases of the benefits of children's contact with nature, many are embracing the idea of developing a nature play space for their school or local park.  We know that getting started can be tricky, so we have put together some information to help you on your way to a fantastic playground.

Play Space Guide brochure over

Play Space Guide

This guide is a collaboration between The University of Western Austalia’s Centre for the Built Environment and Health and various schools from the public, Catholic and independent sectors. It showcases elements of best practice play spaces designed to suit the needs of schools in Western Australia. The principles of good play spaces and examples provided in this guide were drawn from a review of evidence undertaken by the Centre for the Built Environment, The University of Western Australia.


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