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Unstructured outdoor play is great for the whole family! We've got some great resources for parents and families to help you get your children outside.

25 Things to do in Spring

14 Sep 2020

The sun's coming out, the days are getting warmer (and longer) and the wildflowers are in bloom!  Here's our top 25 things we love to do in Spring - get your friends and family together and tick off as many as you can.   Download your copy here 25 Things to do in Spring…

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Nature Play Bingo

16 Jul 2020

Go on a nature walk with your pencil at the ready!  Tick off as many of these 16 things as you can. Can you complete your whole bingo card in one go?   You can also play digital Nature Play Bingo on your phone or device.  Find it in the Toolbox section of our free Nature Play…

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25 Things to do in Winter

16 Jun 2020

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! And with COVID-19 restrictions lifting, we're able to get back outdoors and play!  Get dressed in your winter woollies, grab your family and friends and get outside with these 25 fun new activities for the wet and windy…

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Biodiversity intervention enhances immune regulation and health-associated commensal microbiota among daycare children

16 Oct 2020

Abstract As the incidence of immune-mediated diseases has increased rapidly in developed societies, there is an unmet need for novel prophylactic practices to fight against these maladies. This study is the first human intervention trial in which urban environmental biodiversity was manipulated t…

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Top Nature Play Spaces in WA

11 Jun 2020

The world is full of opportunities to play. Footpaths are for hopscotch. Retaining walls are for balancing, bike racks for swinging, trees for climbing, bushes for hiding, and grass for rolling, chasing, throwing, kicking, and flying kites. And in WA, we are spoiled beyond all reason for play spa…

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Five Family Adventures

5 Jun 2020

The key to family adventure is to take on something that is challenging, but within the capability (just) of your youngest adventurer. Add in a dash of excitement, even adrenalin, and you are almost there. The last ingredient in any adventure is freedom – that sense of being unshackled from yo…

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Top 5 Picnic and Play Spots in Perth and Peel

25 May 2020

Picnics are a fantastic way to reconnect with family and friends while enjoying all the physical and mental health benefits of the outdoors without falling foul of WA's current COVID-19 restrictions. We've selected five great locations for a day of food, play, and generally having a good tim…

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10 Off The Beaten Track Camping Destinations

20 May 2020

We’ve picked ten off the beaten track camping spots that are great examples of WA’s amazing outdoors. But that is just the start. You can find hundreds of fantastic places to stay and be the launch pad for your regional adventure.          …

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Top 5 Bike Trails for Families in Perth

20 May 2020

We have scoured the Trails WA website to share our top-five bike trails for families. All the trails are perfect for beginners and are an easy drive from anywhere in the Perth area. Enjoy!                   &nbs…

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Top 5 Walk Trails for Families in Perth

20 May 2020

We've reached out to our good friends at Trails WA for their Top 5 Walk Trails for Families in the Perth region. They are all low-key, so you don't need any special equipment or experience and can all be expanded into half-day outings.      …

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