Nature Play WA provides consultancy services to help organisations create their vision for vibrant family-friendly outdoor spaces.

Our primary role is to act as facilitators, providing input and expertise into the theory and benefits of nature play spaces, what these spaces look like and how they contribute to families and residents in a community.  This is typically achieved by working with the organisation and relevant stakeholders to develop a 'Nature Play Spaces Strategy' that will enhance the wellbeing of residents, contribute positively to time spent outdoors and in nature and connect communities through play spaces and targeted initiatives.  This includes:

  • Initial project scoping
  • Nature play community consultation workshops
  • Strategy formulation
  • Community briefing and promotion

Strategy components

There are no pre-determined elements of a nature play strategy. However, elements that may be considered for inclusion are listed below:

  • Play spaces; including large scale parks /open space as well as smaller scale Incidental play spaces.
  • Home grown national parks; deliberate creation of a unifying theme for streets, parks and open spaces through the use of a palette of native species to soften the line between park and built environment.
  • Community building initiatives like:
    • Family Nature Clubs: informal resident-based clubs that bring together families for a regular date in natureon a regular basis (weekly, monthly) in nature.
    • Geocaching trails: a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game that involves locating hidden caches (container) using GPS-enabled devices and/or smartphones.
    • 'Playing Out Days': a dedicated day where families and community dedicate public spaces for neighbourhood interaction and play and can involve the partial closure of streets or the use of public open space.
    • Traffic calming/woonerf: an European-based strategy whereby a street space is shared equally amongst cars, bikes and pedestrians so children and families can be outside, engaged in spaces and nature without the danger of speed and cars being a negative influence.

Relevant partnerships

Nature Play WA has formed partnerships with WALGA and the Department of Local Government and Communities are working to encourage families to engage with nature through the employment of nature play spaces strategies. Nature Play WA is also working with Department of Sport and Recreation in the Gascoyne region on a similar regional plan for communities. We have also successfully worked with Rio Tinto on ‘place making strategies’ with the Wickham community.

If you are interested in learning more about our nature play space consultancy services including the offer, timing and cost please contact Shea Hatch on (08) 9389 4061 or email [email protected] or fill out our online form.


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