Top tips and insider info: plan your visit to Canning River Regional Park with this expert advice

photo credit: City of Canning

For over 10 years, Tracy Lyon has proudly worked as an administration officer and community liaison at Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC). She’s also a Wilson local, living just down the road from Kent Street Weir.  

So, it’s no surprise that Tracy has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the animals, plants, trails and secret spots of Canning River Regional Park. We chatted with her to uncover some insider information and learn her top tips for exploring this beautiful area.

When to visit 

While Kent Street Weir is a beautiful place to explore all year round, there’s a time of day when Tracy finds the park to be particularly special – if not a little magical.

“I would encourage people to come in the early morning. There’s nothing better than when it’s cold and you can see the mist coming off the river. It’s one of the best times to hear the birds and see them moving about,” Tracy said.

With the Canning River Café situated just a short walk from the weir, Tracy suggests working it into your visit and devouring a delicious breakfast:

“A lot of people come for lunch or dinner, but you could make your outing for breakfast. Come out early and see the birds and finish off with a walk. A great thing about visiting in the morning is you can still go out and do all the other things like shopping, if you have to.”

This image is a close-up, side-on view of a Motorbike frog. The frog is predominantly brown in colour, with irregular green spots all over its face and body. It has two golden eyes with black pupil in the centre. The eye is surrounded by a thin black line. The Motorbike frog is resting on brown rocks.

Frog spotting 

There are many animals who call the Djarlgarro Beeliar (Canning River) home. Some that are great fun to spot, and that you can hear before you see, are the Motorbike frogs! While Motorbike frogs can be a little jumpy (pardon the pun), Tracy told us where you have the best chance of spotting them. 

First, cross the weir bridge from the carpark side towards the bushland. Have a look by the water where it’s shallow and there’s lots of bulrushes and sedges.

“You can hear the frogs, and if you’re quiet and still enough, you might even see them!” Tracy said.

Remember to simply observe the frogs in their natural habitat. Trying to touch or catch frogs can frighten them and cause them to jump away.

A more peaceful place 

Kent Street Weir is a popular spot for families, so it can get quite busy on a nice day. If your family prefers a bit of peace and quiet but doesn’t want to miss out on the beautiful regional park surrounds, Tracy has the spot for you.

“If you go further around Kent Street Weir, towards the council, there’s reconstructed wetlands which are really quite nice. There are some barbecues over there, a gazebo, and a little landing that’s on the water. It’s a quiet little spot.” 

Want to know how to get there? Its official name is Bebington Park, and there’s a couple of options. 

If you’re up for a 10-minute walk, there’s a wide-open path at the entrance to the Kent Street Weir carpark. Head left to pass CREEC and Canning River Café. Follow the path as it bends left and keep walking until you see the gazebo.  

Otherwise, there is parking (no ACROD bays) at the south end of Fleming Avenue. Another wide-open path will take you from the end of the cul-de-sac to Bebington Park. Head right and you should come across the park in no time. 

Please be mindful that some of these paths are bicycle paths, and that cyclists may be travelling at high speeds. 

photo credit: City of Canning

Bring your bike 

There’s plenty of things to see and do at Kent Street Weir to keep the whole family entertained. But if you’re up for a bigger adventure, Tracy says to bring your bike and explore further afield! There are many cycle paths that extend from Kent Street Weir to other beautiful parts of Perth. Tracy shared one of her very own adventures with us.

“I always used to get lost trying to find my way from here (Kent Street Weir) to Riverton. Well, I actually did Clean Up Australia Day, and on that day, I discovered I had to cross a little footbridge that goes over Bannister Creek – which is a beautiful area – and links up to Adenia Park. Then, the other day, I rode from my house in Wilson, through the regional park, to Shelley Beach Foreshore!” 

If you’d like to try this route, you can click here for directions on Google Maps. There are also plenty of shorter cycle routes for families to explore at Kent Street Weir, which you can check out on the Trails WA site. 

Nature Play WA would like to thank Tracy Lyon for taking the time to sit down with us and share her knowledge of Kent Street Weir and Canning River Regional Park. If you’d like to find out more about Kent Street Weir, click here to visit the Every Kid in a Park section of our website and download the Every Kid in a Park app. 

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